EESSY® has developed a new, patented, system that puts an end to tangled and knotted buckles and tie-down straps.

This unique system is a quick and easily solution to rolling up and storing tie-down straps. You will find it quite simple: place the handle with the end of the strap in the drum and roll it up in a matter of seconds. Once the strap is rolled up, you remove the handle and leave the rolled up strap in the drum.

And you can use several drums with the handle. Everything will be in one place and ready to use without wasting time looking for all the parts you need for the job.

When you need a tie-down strap, take what you need from the drum and throw it over the load. You do not need to throw the buckle or hook with the strap.

The EESSY® will soon be available from your dealer in the following sizes:

  • The EESSY® 195-50: for 50 mm tie-down straps from 9 to 10 meter in length.
  • The EESSY® 94-25: for 25 mm tie-down straps up to 5 meters in length.


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